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“Humanitarian aid is a natural impulse of the heart”


AMAN-International/FAI Foundation

“Humanitarian is a natural impulse of the heart”

As a pioneer, Dr. Marie Ginette AMANI-FRIDRICH, a young non-political figure in Africa who founded her own charitable foundation called “Fondation AMAN-International (FAI)” in 2003 with an honor point for disadvantaged children. women and youth. dr AMANI-FRIDRICH has indeed helped as Founding President of the FAI, motivating and inspiring many and continues to invest in their organization.

dr AMANI-FRIDRICH is the initiator and sponsor of the Humanitarian Body Program ® and its training academy to mobilize young and old for humanitarian projects. She has received numerous awards for her social commitment and, in particular, was awarded the status of “Knight of the Order of Merit for Solidarity and Social Cohesion” by her country of origin, Côte d’Ivoire.

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