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The Germany-based company AMAN-International (AI), founded and managed by Dr. Marie Ginette AMANI-FRIDRICH, focuses its various activities on the sale of goods and services, as well as the promotion of labels, including own brands such as Gin’s AFRO®, Amani-Fridrich®, etc.) in a prestige positioning, being also a good one Presence on its own technology platforms, but also on international marketplaces.



Doctor Amani-Fridrich is our quintessential luxury brand. It offers a range of high quality and very innovative products in the field of cosmetics, perfumery and leather goods for a selective and exclusive clientele. Its products containing for example gold, powder of precious stones, caviar, raw materials (cocoa, shea butter), etc. respect the rules of fair and sustainable trade.


Gin's AfRO

dr Amani-Fridrich is our quintessence of the luxury brand. It offers a range of high quality and highly innovative products in the field of cosmetics, perfumery and leather goods for a select and exclusive clientele. Its products containing, for example, gold, gemstone powder, caviar, raw materials (cocoa, shea butter), etc. respect the rules of fair and sustainable trade.


Home, Energy & Sustainability


The core of SL’s vision is based on 3 key projects: housing, energy and sustainability.

SL Home supplies building materials for sustainable prefabricated houses and buildings with interior design. They are pieces of equipment, development, beautification, decoration of living spaces (houses, gardens, offices, shopping centers, etc.), but also tools and objects that also have useful and durable potential. SL Home On Demand offers consulting services as well as technical know-how.


My seminars, training courses & coaching for you

The Cicero Management Academy (CMA) label gives you the opportunity to have Dr. Marie Ginette AMANI-FRIDRICH, but also other exceptional trainers, coaches, tutors and consultants like her, rigorously selected internationally among academics, professionals, administrators, diplomats and success stories to bring you unforgettable conferences, masterclasses and coaching.

CMA is also access to your individual and personalized digital platform, a certificate at the end of the program which will be awarded during a solemn and extraordinary ceremony, but also membership in a solid international network.

Entrusting your training and coaching to a structure, person or personality is a very sensitive and important decision. What we receive can have a lasting impact on our lives and lead to irreversible changes. Thus, we can just as well be sure of dealing with an interlocutor who has a recognized, undisputed and verifiable level of training, knowledge, competence, professionalism and stability. These are guarantees offered by CMA.

Doctor Marie Ginette AMANI-FRIDRICH holds a law degree, a master’s degree in communication, an MBA in international business, a doctorate in sociology and numerous certificates, including one from Havard in the United States and a fundraising certificate from Germany. She is an entrepreneur, sociologist, journalist, lawyer, coach, writer, lecturer, expert in science, techniques and technologies of communication and information, management and administration of companies, companies and organizations, and expert in humanitarian and development issues (see biography).

“I like to learn and do things”, says Dr. Marie Ginette AMANI-FRIDRICH. She is not only an expert in her fields of training, but through her brilliant academic career but also through her experiences in the field, she has acquired exceptional skills and professionalism which have enabled her to initiate and consolidate her own activities. and carry them out with you. to share their CMA Academy program.

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dr Marie Ginette AMANI-FRIDRICH is a writer and was honored for her first short story entitled “Je t’aime comme tu es”, which was published in the 2004 collection Intimate Trust. Her second production, her novel entitled “Alliance”, was edited and published in 2007. Then, under her pseudonym Marie Hanania, she published the volume of poetry “Inintelligible Galimatias” (2019), the scientific work “L’Histoire d’une Fibre” (2020), the historical and photographic work “Collections de nos Textiles – Tissés traditionnels… “. (2020), “Humanitarian Aid Is a Natural Impulse of the Heart” (2021) and many more books and forthcoming music albums. dr Marie Ginette Amani-Fridrich “… made a name for herself thanks to God!” she admits. Their productions and activities in detail can be viewed on their websites, among others, or via their official main page:

My literary publications

Books (French version)


L’Humanitaire est un élan Naturel du Cœur (2021) Scientific Research


Collections de nos Textiles (2020) photographic work


L’Histoire d’une Fibre (2020)Scientific Research


Inintelligible Galimatias (2019) collection of poems


Alliance (2007) novel


Intimes confidences (2004) « Je t’aime comme tu es » news


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